15 best potty training tips for boys and girls

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Potty training can be fun provided you know what you are doing.We present you the best potty training tips to make the process smoother and your life easier. Without beating around the bush, let us get started on the 15 best potty training tips for boys and girls.

Potty Training Tips #1: Look for signs of readiness and get ready
You need to first determine that your child is ready before you start toilet training them. Some of the readiness indications 1) are eagerness to know what happens in the toilet 2) wanting to wear big underwear 3) ability to understand simple commands etc., When they start showing these signs, you need to get yourself ready to toilet train them by having the necessary supplies and items like potty chairs, flushable wipes, seats,charts, reward certificates, potty training books for parents and kid.

When to start potty training-average age for potty training readiness

5 best baby potty chairs for toilet training toddlers

Potty Training Tips #2 : Talk about potty training and heat them up gently

You do not want to jump into training them the next day. Introduce them to their potty and talk to them what you are planning to do. Its a good idea to purchase their potty and get them to familiarize with other play items. Tell them they are going to do big boy stuff which will get them excited. If they are already attending day care they will do with more eagerness.

Potty Training Tips #3 : Get expert help
It is a good idea to read and get expert help with the best potty training books for parents. Some books are really cheap and you can complete reading them in a couple of hours. A good tip would be to engage your kids with fun books by reading with them

6 best Potty training books for parents to toilet train kids or toddlers

Potty Training Tips #4 : Keep them naked once you start potty training

Potty training expert Carol Cline in Start Potty Training mentions that keeping your kid naked once you start and not running to pull-ups every time there is an accident is a must. If you get them into a undie often, they will feel uncomfortable of the wet diaper or will not understand the importance of getting toilet trained. Instead ask to them repeatedly to use the toilet.

Potty Training Tips #5 : Keep the potty in a common easy accessible place

Do not keep the potty in the toilet during the initial phase. Place it in your kitchen or living room which is easily accessible to the child. Yes, there will be some accidents but it will get them trained quicker instead of going to the toilet every time they need to use the potty. This is one of the best potty training tips we can give you.

potty training tips


Potty Training Tips # 6: Celebrate with rewards and gifts

Set up a reward plan and make it very clear to the child. Tell them that foe every 10 successful potty visits, they will get a small gift or chocolate or plaything. Make sure its not heavy on your pocket. Place a chart on the living area and everytime they use the toilet, make a mark on the chart. Tell them if a guest comes around they can see how disciplined the kid is based on the marks on the charts

Potty Training Tips #7 : Train little boys with their father/brother

This is one important tip when you are kid is a boy. Allowing them to imitate and see what their father or elder sibling does in the toilet is an easy way to make them understand. They will learn much quicker. Also try putting some colors or O-shaped cheerios in the toilet and ask them to aim for it.

Potty training boys-how to potty train a boy in a week
Potty Training Tips #8 : If they regress, understand and fix the real problem
Regression is a common phenomenon among toddlers. Understand what made them to miss their potty and fix it. Some common problems are new daycare, bullying of other kids, new baby in the family, new house/bathroom, constipation. Just reinforce potty training in a positive but firm manner and he/she will be back to potties in no time.This is one of the potty training tips for a kid who has had initial toilet training.

Potty training regression-toilet regression reasons & how to solve them

Potty Training Tips #9 : Use a musical potty instead of normal potty

Kids love musical potties. It makes potty training experience much more fun. Try using the Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty . With a song and a smiling face, your kid will love it. It adds party to the monotonous potty training routine.

Potty Training Tips # 10 : Do not leave their legs hanging

Make the potty experience a comfortable one. Do not leave your kids legs hanging in the air. Try to support them with a support stool or better make sure your potty is low enough so that they have their legs on the ground. You do not want them to be uncomfortable and  think they are going to fall from the potty

Potty Training Tips #11: Be persistent and consistent

Keep them reminding to go the potty. Ask them at regular intervals. Be positive and do not shout at them. Be lavish in your praise for them. Simple praises like a hug, lovely kiss and hi5 will add great enthusiasm to their toilet routine.

3 day Potty Training Laws: Positive, Persistent & Consistent

Potty Training Tips #12 :Start by sitting them first

Girls naturally use the toilet sitting. If you have a boy make him use the toilet by sitting first. Once he is very confident of standing and has better bowel control, then graduate him to a standing position. You can get more tips on our article how to potty train boys mentioned above.

Potty Training Tips #13 : Be Ready when you travel – Carry a travel potty

Public toilets can be a nightmare if they are unhygienic or too loud. Kids might not like them and so it is a very good idea to have a travel potty, towel, big-boy underwear whenever you travel. You never know when they want to go. You can find a review of the best travel potties in below post.

5 best portable travel potty seats and chairs for toddlers

Potty Training Tips #14: Give them privacy if they want it

Some kids do not like to pee or poop when someone is watching. So if they miss the act often when you are around, get them on the potty and move out. Make sure that the potty is comfortable and safe so that they wont fall.

Potty Training Tips #15: Toilet training at night comes later

Please understand that bowel and bladder controls at night take a longer time to establish. So do not rush them or they will make you feel for it. It is not uncommon for kids to bed-wet themselves even at 7 or 8. So BE PATIENT !

Some other potty training tips might include making them have a good diet with lots of fibre, sufficient water. You can also read to them, sing a song, play games when they are on the potty. Buy them an underwear with their favorite super star, train them in a group as in a potty training boot camp.

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