6 best Potty training books for parents to toilet train kids or toddlers

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Potty training books are useful guides for parents. They are not only a good read but also have the flow in a sequence in comparison to the internet where parents may read multiple web pages in different sequence. They are an invaluable add to the potty training arsenal.

So what are the best potty training books for parents when they start to potty train their kid. We have selected a list of highly recommended and widely popular books. We have sorted based on quality and not on cost. For easy convenience we have listed out the top 3 potty training books each in online and printed format.

Top 3 potty training books online version

1. Start Potty Training by Carol Cline

‘Start Potty Training’ was a rage when introduced as it seemed to be a detailed edition of lot of potty training information in a single place. The book contains 132 pages neatly divided into 7 chapters. There are good feedback from parents who have benefited from this approach. The only drawback is the cost which is at $37 however as the author says “get this for the same price of a diaper bag and you will save on future diaper charges”. You get the following as add-on included in the same cost

  • Potty training video
  • Potty training audio
  • Potty training twins and autism children
  • Reward charts and stickers
  • Personal online consultation with the author
  • 100% money back guarantee

potty training in 3 daysClick here to buy ‘Start Potty training’ by Carol Cline

2. Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day: Proven Secrets of the Potty Pro [toilet training]by Teri Crane

Again the claim to potty train in less than one day is a bit over the board. However, there is no dispute that this book is a great book available in both e-book ($7) & paperback ($10) format from Amazon.com. Teri Crane is often famous for her potty training boot camps which are ultra successful.

3. The Diaper-Free Babyby Christine

One of the best sellers on potty training, this e-book can be purchased for $10 from Amazon.com. This is value for money proposition.The author is a doctorate from Harvard University and is a member of DiaperFreeBaby organization. The book consists of 243 pages divided into 10 chapters and is a good read even if you will start potty training only after a few months.

If you want supplementary video, charts, audio and personal consultation with author then ‘Start Potty training’ by Carol Cline is a better choice.

Top 3 potty training books printed version

1. Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Nathan H.Azrin

Dr.Azrin is a doctorate from Harvard Psychology department and his book ‘Toilet Training in less than a day’ is a real good book with more than 400 – 5 star reviews on Amazon.com and 2 million copies sold already. The most vital point in the book is ‘If your child is stubborn, then better postpone toilet training for a few days than forcing it on your child”. The result(to train in one day) is a bit over-exaggerated though.This book is organized and consists of 176 pages. Motivated mothers who want to potty train quickly can use this book. While the brand new copy might cost $8 . Click on image below to get 40% discount

2. Supernanny: How to Get the Best From Your Children by Jo Frost

This is a wonderful book to train on potty training in a no-nonsense approach. Jo Frost is  the UK’s leading childcare and baby experts. She hosts the superhit TV show ‘Supernanny’ on prime-time and has become the must listen voice of nannies.This book does not contain any supplementary material. You will just get the book if you order from Amazon.com or else where. It has 224 pages divided into multiple chapters.Click image below to buy at 30% discount

3.The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers (Pantley)by Elizabeth Pantley

Another highly popular book with detailed method on how to potty train without stress.The author has written nine other parenting books and her quiz on determining potty training readiness and how to reward kids with gifts is the main takeaway from the book.You can find a lot of positive reviews of the book on Amazon.com which are mostly 5 stars.Click on image below to order the book from Amazon.com

These potty training books should definitely help you if you are potty training now or have failed earlier.Go grab your potty training books now.

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