5 best potty training books for toddlers & kids

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potty training books

potty training books

High quality potty training books for toddlers are an interesting way to keep your kid engaged during the toilet training process. Just like potty training books for parents are available, one can choose a variety of potty training books based on the kid’s interest. If they like pictures you can choose one with more pictures or if they prefer to read, then you can focus on story and activity oriented books.

Either way, the books are a sure way to increase engagement during the process and build a rapport with the children. Here we present the best potty training books for kids which you can present your kid when thy undergo training.If you are looking for parent training books/guides for parents to enable potty training, check out below link

6 best Potty training books for parents to toilet train kids or toddlers

Best Potty training books for toddlers

1. Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel

Easily the best selling book on the kids potty training section. This is a masterpiece which will clearly be liked by your kid. Penned in 1975 by Alona Frankel, this is a classic that has sold over 4 million copies. There is version available for Once Upon a Potty — Girl and Once Upon a Potty — Boy which you can choose based on whether you have a boy or girl. Must have & Highly recommended.

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2. Potty (Leslie Patricelli)

Another classic and time tested book which has won over the hearts of many children when they toilet train. Potty by Leslie Patricelli is easy on your pocket(costs under $4) and funny to your kid. A really good choice to add to the kid’s potty training collection and a must have along with ‘Once Upon a Potty’

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3.The Potty Book: For Boys
The Potty Book is available for both the boys and girl version. This humorous book is told in verses and is a delightful read for children.Your boy/girl will enjoy looking at the funny pics and would love the story read to them. They’ll also start thinking that it’s time for them to grow up just like Henry in the book.You will find your kids repeating it multiple times during the day!

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4. Where’s the Poop?
A book that is gaining good reputation in the market with its playful themes. Kids love animals and this potty training books for kids introduces your kid to the world of tiger,monkeys, kangaroos in a flip page format. Quite an engaging activity based read for kids. You can also use this if your boy/girl is a bit grown up(above 3 years).

5. A Potty for Me!

A pleasant entrant to the potty training book category, this rhymed book with reinforced pages with color cartoon of a child who tries to use the potty. Getting good reviews from parents, kids and growing in popularity. Not a bad idea to try out this book as it costs just $4.

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The above books are more than enough to certainly entertain your kid. If you need more variety, you can also try out some of the below books which are also good.

These potty training books for toddlers will be very entertaining for your kids and will make the toilet training process much colorful and joyful.Check out 15 best potty training tips and let us know once your kid is potty trained and how much your kids love them.

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