Essential potty training supplies list for toilet training

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When your kid is ready for potty training you do not want to delay the process. Start Potty training as early as possible with these essential potty training supplies. Just make sure your kids are ready by looking for these potty training readiness signs and dive into the process. Here is the list of potty training supplies you will need.

Potties and potty chairs :

A potty is the first and most important item in the potty training supplies list. It is used to train him to get out of diapers and start his toilet routine. Once he is comfortable using the potty. you can move to a potty chair and slowly graduate to the adult toilet. The potty should be comfortable, attractive and easily accessible. Let them choose their own potty and get used to it before they start training on them.

Potty chairs are the bigger version of potties but smaller version of our adult toilets. Once your kid is comfortable on the potty you can promote them to potty chairs. They have a removable part which makes them easier to clean than regular potties.

5 best potty and potty chairs for training toddlers

5 best potty training books for toddlers

Potty Training books

You can find more information with these potty training books which usually walk you through a step by step process. They are available from 4$ and as high as 120$. There are also books which your kid will love during potty training which will make the process fun and enjoyable. You can check out our review of some of the best potty training books for parents and children below link

6 best potty training books for parents

5 best potty training books for children

Pull ups and training pants

Pull ups need no introduction as they looks like diapers and can be easily used/disposed. They are the intermediary before your child graduates to normal clothing underwear. However, we do not recommend excessive usage once you start potty training as they can slow down the potty process.

Training pants are cotton pants that can be used for a brief period just before moving to normal clothing. You will need lots of these when you start training and so we have included them in the potty training supplies. Try a pull-ups combined training pants from Huggies or Seventh Generation or Pampers.

Pampers Easy Ups Girls Size 3T4T Value Pack, 90 Count
Pampers Underjams Girl Diapers Big Pack Size S/M 46 Count
Seventh Generation Training Pants 2T-3T, 25 Count (Pack of 4)
Pampers Easy Ups Boys Trainers Value Pack, 90 Count, Size 5 (3T – 4T)

Flushable wipes
Wipes comes in handy when there is a mess and also when you want to clean your baby skin. Choose a mildness proven and dermatologist tested wipes from Pampers or Huggies or Seventh Generation

Pampers Sensitive Wipes 7x Box 448 Count
Pampers Sensitive Wipes 12x Pack 744 Count

 Toilet Step Stools

Step stools make the potty experience comfortable by providing safety and ease of use. It is one of the neglected potty training supplies. Do not do that mistake.They prevent the child’s feet from hanging in the air and help to sit comfortably on the potty. Some of the best and highly recommended stools are

Squatty Potty “Ecco” Toilet Stool 9″
The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool
BABYBJORN Safe Step, White
Summer Little Looster Stool

Portable travel potty

Make sure you have a travel potty with you when you travel as public toilets can be unclean and unsafe. It also comes handy when you are in the car or in the park. Travel potties are available from wide variety of manufacturers. Check out our 5 best recommendations

5 best portable travel potty for toddlers

Get these essential potty training supplies and check out our potty training tips .You can be rest assured that your kid will be potty trained in the best manner.

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