Potty training boys-how to potty train a boy in a week

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Potty training boys-how to potty train a boy

I will not listen to you. I’m the boss!

Potty training boys usually takes more time than potty training girls. Also boys tend to start a little late when it comes to potty training. Carol Cline dedicates a special chapter in Start Potty training guide for training boys.Boys are a bit naughty than girls and if you are a parent, you know what I’m talking about.


Potty training boys needs different approach?

Potty training boys could be simplified by handling a slightly different approach than when potty training girls. The primary reason boys take a little bit more time is because in every house the usual potty trainer is the mother. They can learn quick if they have a male trainer whom they can observe and imitate. Guys, its your responsibility to teach your kid if you want him to learn quick.

Keep you toilet door open so that he can learn. If you are shy then let him observe his elder brother if there is one. Also most boys are active than girls and taking time to sit on a potty is a hindrance in their play schedule :-) .

When to start potty training – Average age and potty training readiness

Then how to potty train a boy ?

You can try some of the methods below as potty training boys needs a little tweaking.

  • Get creative. Put some O-shaped loops or Cheerios or Froot loops in the potty and ask them to aim for the center.
  • In early stages, practice potty training sitting down even when peeing. Some little guys confuse and may poop when peeing. This is very important
  • Best to have the dad potty train his boy. Let the father do some work too.
  • Buy a potty chair with a urine guard. You do not want him to scratch his penis on the toilet seat and associate peeing with pain.
  • Buy him an underwear with this favorite character. You never wanna pee on you hero even if you are a boy.
  • Put a ping pong ball in the potty and use it for target practice so that he does not pee on the toilet rim
  • Put some food colors in the potty which adds color when he pees. Make it fun
  • Use a step tool to make the process easier.
  • Give him a small gift or play a game with him.
  • Pick a tree in the backyard and have a peeing match there. He will learn much quicker. I tried this with my kid.
  • Wanna be even more creative ? Why not put a picture of something he hates or is afraid of on the potty. Let him have his revenge :-) God help if its a person :-)
  • Above all – be patient. Wait till he is 18 months atleast so that he does not regress.

Potty training regression – Causes and how to deal

These are some of the cool tips for potty training boys.For more details on potty training refer Start Potty training

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