Potty training regression-toilet regression reasons & how to solve them

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Regression or potty training regression is a condition when your kid has poop accidents or refuses to use the toilet after being toilet trained. Parents are often driven nuts when after spending so much time on potty training their kid, they hear that their child has had a toilet accident at preschool. Well, this is not a matter to worry about as this is quite normal in toddlers.

So how can you prevent your kid from getting into potty training regression? Before we tell you that here is a step-by-step approach we recommend.

Potty training regression

I’m suffering from Potty training regression

Stage 1: Find out what caused the potty training regression

Once you hear that your kid had an accident, don’t freak out. The wise parent would first analyze what caused it. One of the primary reasons for regression is changes in lifestyle which may include

  • Joining day care school – new caretaker, bullying from fellow kids, possible untidy toilets.
  • You have got a new baby at home – your kid wants to get your attention which is now on the new baby.
  • The stress on the kid due to problems between parents
  • Medical reasons like constipation, bowel movements,urinal tract infection etc.,
  • Any major life style change like moving to new house, new bathroom is scary
  • Attaining new skills which makes them forget their toilet training
  • Most likely – They are not yet fully potty trained. Yes, you may refuse, but it could be.

These may seem trivial to you but they are just toddlers and are just trying to cope with their body changes and environment. The reason might be so simple like he just fell over from the toilet seat and so is frightened. Whatever the reason, identifying it will be the first and most important step in dealing with potty regression.

Stage 2: Be supportive

Once you have identified the reason, you have won half the battle of potty training regression. Now its time to solve the regression.Tell your child that she has moved away from her toilet discipline and you understand why. Or even better, ask them. You will be surprised how simple kids can express themselves. Empathize with them and reassure them that you know how difficult it is for them with all changes happening around them. Let her know that other kids have this problem too and it can be solved easily.Never sound negative or shout at them which will definitely lead to adverse impacts which you do not want.

The 3 laws of potty training your kid

Stage 3: Again revisit potty training

Get back to the basics of potty training again and reinforce them. Get her to the potty and tell them that every time they need to poop they have to get to the bathroom. Keep reminding them and be consistent with it. Ask them often if they need to use the toilet. Make them understand in a loving manner that accidents are not acceptable and its their responsibility to use the toilet. Again, do not be harsh instead be loving and supportive. Spend time with them like reading from books while they are on the potty, play games (I know you have done all this before but you must repeat a little). Did you train them properly so that you could have have avoided potty training regression in first place?

How to potty train your kid in 3 days

Potty training regression

Mommy, I’m not yet fully potty trained

Stage 4: Reward and praise them

Reward them for success and success here means every non-accident. However, the rewards should be simple and not go overboard. We do not want them to expect something every time they use the toilet. Often the best rewards are a pat on the back and telling them how much responsible and grown up they are. You are the world to the kids and so when you tell this they will definitely believe you and accidents are bound to reduce.

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Recap on how to deal with potty training regression

  1. Identify the root cause by talking to the kid.
  2. Do what you can to fix it – Spend time, reinforce potty training
  3. Don’t run back to pull ups immediately
  4. Clear the expectations, engage them and don’t shout.
  5. Empathize, be supportive, praise & rewards
  6. Be patient, consistent and remind them

Usually the child picks up on potty training regression and gets on track within a few days or weeks from where they left off. It wont take you as long as it took you the first time. As a parent it is your duty to your kid to make them potty trained forever so that you don’t need to deal with potty training regression and dirty diapers again. Do you ? You can find a list of highly recommended and essential potty training items, guides, reward charts used by lots of parents.

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