When to start potty training-average age for potty training readiness

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When to start potty training is the primary question a parent asks when a baby becomes a toddler. The ideal average age for potty training a boy or potty training a girl is usually 2years ie., between 18 months to 30 months. It may differ from kid to kid but about 2 years is the average when the bowel and bladder movements can be controlled until they reach a potty. Do yourself a service by listening to the signs from your baby. Remember every child is unique.

When to start potty training - potty training readiness

Hey – I’m ready to be potty trained

Physical signs of potty training readiness

What age to potty train or when to start potty training – these are wrong questions to ask. Instead carefully listen to your kids bodily signs. A child can signal you that he is ready to potty train with physical signs like

  • He goes dry for 3 to 4 hours and has poos at regular predictable times
  • The child can move independently and reach the potty
  • They pull their pants up and down often on their own
  • Hiding behind a sofa or anything when they poo
  • They start using single words like ‘poo’ or ‘pee’ to indicate their sign

These are subtle signs and you do not want to miss them. Start potty training at the right age and don’t leave it till too late which would cause regression.

Potty training regression – Causes and how to deal with it

Mental signs of potty training readiness

Some of the mental signs of readiness include

  • Wanting to know or interest in what goes in bathroom when mom and dad go to toilet
  • The child can understand what is ‘wet’ and ‘dry’
  • They can point to where their potty is
  • Complaining or crying when the diaper becomes wet and dirty

Usually kids start to control their nighttime bowel incidents and only then can they master control day time bladder(pee) and bowel(poo) control. In contrast, you can see even 8 years bed-wetting themselves.

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When to start potty training РMost  important Social signs

The social signs are the easiest to decide with when to start potty training and will include

  • The kid often refuses or verbally says ‘No’ to certain requests
  • He/she imitates the behavior of close ones
  • He/she understands and laughs when you praise them
  • They can understand simple instructions like ‘Go and get the ball’ or ‘Pick up the doll’

Watch out for these signs for when to potty train your kid. Ideally they wont show all these signs but if they show even 3 or 4 signs from the above then you can start you first potty training schedule. Be ready with the essential potty training items needed

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There is no right age for potty training. Just that you need to let your toddler show you when to start potty training him/her and not when you think they are ready.


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